Thursday, August 17, 2006

Game Ova

Current mood: quixotic ( I don't know what it means, but it looks cool!!)
A good friend of mine and I had a convo the other day. When I asked her about a certain gentleman that she had dated, loved, lost, reconciled with--well, you get the picture--before she got married, she said something so profound (at least in my mind) I had to write about it. She said that her being so crazy over him was like an obsession with a video game. She really thought it was love, or some close manifestation, when it actually was her desire to win--him being the prize. She kept playing, over and over, trying to get him to do what she wanted him to do--which in her case, was to fall back in love with her. However, once she realized what she was doing, she just quit. Its like, do you really want this person, or do you just want to say you won? She just wanted to win, and when she realized that, she gave up the game.

Now a similar situation...I'm calling match. As much as I'm ticked that he can even provoke me to write something like this, its gotta be done. I quit. I played that game because I wanted to be with someone that had all the points on my checklist. But I forgot a few (silly me!). Like courage, and honesty, not just a big stiff one.

So that's it. Not gonna be friends, cutty buddies, a couple. Nunna dat.

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