Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things to Pray For--#4

Yep. This is me.
I'm a lazy heffah. REAL LAZY.
Its a problem that trickles into everything; school, workout regime, cooking...
I've been known to lay in bed ALL DAY. Not eat, not do anything productive. Just loaf and sleep.
So, #4 on the list is to be a lil' less lazy. I've noticed that if I keep moving when I'm on task and stay out of my house, I can get stuff done. Gonna hafta parlay that into some kinda plan. Yeah. As soon as I get outta bed...LOL
HEY! Its still 2010! #BabySteps

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Things to Pray For--#3

Patience: the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on annoyance/anger in a negative way; or exhibiting forbearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties. Patience is the level of endurance one's character can take before negativity. It is also used to refer to the character trait of being steadfast. Or which you can wait for things. Antonyms include hastiness and impetuousness.

I hate waiting.
No, really.
I'm quick to curse someone out in my head, and tap my foot impatiently with folks on the road, folks waiting on me in a store or restaurant, or folks just in general taking too long to do something. I also have issa with waiting for the blessings I'm getting....I know. I have the AUDACITY to rush the Big Man Upstairs? Its bad.

So, today, as I'm trying to wait for Christmas Eve to become Christmas, I'm going to asked the Almighty to grant me a bit mo' patience. I know its a virtue that I'm VERY short on. So in the new year, and beyond, I need to get right with that.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Things to Pray For--#2

Hello folks!
I'm back...had to knock out those pesky law school finals. *Wipes forehead* WHEEW! Glad that's over. I'm now 1 semester down, 5 more to go!! *hits a dougie*

That brings me to my #2 thing to pray for in 2011 and beyond...I didn't forget!!!
I know that I would not have made it this far without GOD. I'm not gonna use this blog to try to convert folks, but I don't know how you can't KNOW that there is something greater than you acting in your life. I've gotten 2 degrees, moved to several states, met all types of people...I've never broken a bone, I've never been seriously injured...I can go on and on. And I Neva Woulda Made it Without Him. *cue Marvin Sapp*

Unfortunately, I don't thank GOD enough for what he does in my life. Its funny, I have no problem acknowledging my mother and the impact she has on my life. GOD is my heavenly father and I rarely remember to tell him thank you. SMDH.

2.) Give Him praise. Daily. Hourly. Pray over my food, attend church and pray in the morning and at night.

Anyone else find themselves forgetting say thank you to one that always has your back?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Things to Pray for in the New Year and Beyond--#1

I have a lot of things to be grateful for. I have been able to do what I've always said I wanted to do, and as some of my close friends have reminded me, it was brave to leave my life (and my disposable income) to do what I'm doing.
However, every year I live, I think its good to improve. So, here's my list of things to pray for in 2011 and beyond. These aren't frivolous material things, but rather traits and characteristics I think will help me be a better me in the New Year.

1.) Discipline--I've been fighting my wight as long as I can remember. The only time I've been able to lose weight was when I (A.) had a regime and (B.) didn't have to think about what I was doing. The thing is, I haven't had the discipline to get started and maintain. I'm on Weight Watchers, but I keep falling off the wagon. LOL So I need some divine intervention. I need the Good Lawd to put His hand in this task. I have a feeling it will help with other areas too.

Anyone else have this problem? Any advice on how to get started? Sharing is caring folks...:)

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Go, Go, Go, Go Shawty, Its Ya Birthday, We gon' Party Like...

Party like we in Law School (When said party is on a Tuesday)=studying, catching up on outlines and generally acting like its a regulah ass day.

But....HALLELUJAH ANYHOW!!! *hits a dougie*

I'mma get right with this bloggin' thang, I promise. School's just a TAD bit too much for the kid to handle right now. Gotta do that and blog? Naw son. Not going down. Just lemme get through my first finals, and I'll get back with ch'all, I swear.
I have updates too!! Life has been MOVIN' ova here!! Promise y'all stick aroudn to hear them?? Its good stuff!!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

So, We Burn Religious Books Now??

Houston, we have a problem.
There is some IGNANT (yes, I said IGNANT on purpose. Behavior such as this does not deserve proper spelling) pastor out in FL that thinks its justifiable to BURN THE HOLY QUR'AN on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 bombing.
*pauses to let that sink in*
*another pause for you to reread and check comprehension*
Yes, you read correctly!!! #WDDDA and #FAIL!! You can read of this fuckery for yourself here.
iJust....CAN.NOT!! How is this okay?! Like, okay, Constitutionally, you have the "right" to do this. BUT, I find it puzzling that the very people that will so proudly proclaim to be direct descendants of those that came over on the Mayflower (read: White folks) are the first ones in line to CRAP ALL OVA someone's religious choice!! Weren't your ancestors ESCAPING religious persecution?? Right...
AND FURTHERMORE (yeah, I'm really miffed!) how, I ask, HOW as a man of the CLOTH, can you condone this behavior?!?! My GOD is one of tolerance and love!! He doesn't approve! #NOSah #DoNotWant!!
So, you think the Qur'an condones violence, so you are burning it to protest...its existence? The religion? The people? How is that Christ-like? I have a feeling this is NOT What Jesus Would Do.
I think this cat needs to pull his collar up. His REDNECK is showing. SMDH

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Law School Blues

I got the law school blues.
I know, I know...I just got here.
I just didn't expect it to be so....different.
Like, as smart as I am in real life, is how DUMB I am in Law School.
Everything I thought I to study, how to pay attention, how to take notes...WRONG. Its like someone shook the skills out of my brain, piled them up and lit them aflame!!
Its really frustrating.
I imagine I'm not the only one that has this issha, so I've decided that sharing is caring (and venting, we already know, is therapeutic) so I will guest-blog over at The LawStudent Chronicles. I can let out my frustrations, and hopefully learn something.
Lawd KNOWS, I gotta do something...I might LOSE IT!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The 2010 Black Weblog Awards Finalists

I managed to vote for ALL my favorite blogs!!!
*throws confetti*
*Crip walks to all my favorite blogs, throws glitter*
*Leyomi drops*

WHHHEEEW. Okay, back to our regulah'ly scheduled programming....

The 2010 Black Weblog Awards Finalists

Monday, July 19, 2010

T-Minus 5/11

I'm leaving Philadelphia.

It feels SOOOO DAMN GOOD to write those words.
I've been plotting on how to get th HAYLE outta this city for 2 years now. It was time, and I'm glad I was able to do it and also make it a positive step toward my own growth.
5 days left of the job, 11 days left in the "City of Brotherly Love". Hmph. #LiesAllLies
I'm MAD excited to be moving to Georgia. I can't wait to start school and to just be in a new place where I can get out from under the funky cloud I have been dealing with for the last few years. I truly think this move is for the best, and although there are a few folks I will miss in this part of the country (not many mind you, but a handful) I'm looking forward to reconnecting with my friend in the South and meeting new folks.
The South has always felt the most like home; even more so than Nap. Probably because I was born in FL. I'm a native daughter of the part of the country where its rarely less that 50 degrees outside, where folks smile easy and generally have positive dispositions. Anyone that knows me personally can attest to the fact athat I am genuinely like that. Folks up here can't appreciate, let alone reciprocate. I think that brouught me down a lot.
So farewell Philadelphia. Its been real. I learned a lot about people, and about myself especially; but...gotta go...gotta leave!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Lord, Why Did You Make Me Black?

Now, don't get it twisted. I'm a proud black woman. *insert black power fist here*

Sometimes tho, I can relate more to the beginning of this poem than the end...sigh.
I know I'm made in HIS image, fearfully and wonderfully so...but why do folks feel the need to take me for granted, abuse me and treat me so wrong sometimes!? *irked*
Anywho. Here's the poem, in case you've never read it:

Lord, Lord,

Why did You make me Black?
Why did You make someone
The world wants to hold back?

Black is the color of dirty clothes;
The color of grimy hands and feet.
Black is the color of darkness;
The color of tire-beaten streets.

Why did You give me thick lips,
A broad nose and kinky hair?
Why did You make me someone
Who receives the hatred stare?

Black is the color of the bruised eye
When someone gets hurt.
Black is the color of darkness,
Black is the color of dirt.

How come my bone structure's so thick;
My hips and cheeks are high?
How come my eyes are brown
And not the color of the daylight sky?

Why do people think I'm useless?
How come I feel so used?
Why do some people see my skin
And think I should be abused?

Lord, I just don't understand.
What is it about my skin?
Why do some people want to hate me
And not know the person within?

Black is what people are "listed",
When others want to keep them away.
Black is the color of shadows cast.
Black is the end of the day.

Lord, You know, my own people mistreat me
And I know this just isn't right.
They don't like my hair or the way I look.
They say I'm too dark or too light.

Lord, don't You think it's time
For You to make a change?
Why don't You re-do creation
And make everyone the same?


Why did I make you Black?
Why did I make you Black?

Get off your knees and look around.
Tell Me, what do you see?
I didn't make you in the image of darkness,
I made you in the Likeness of ME!

I made you the color of coal
From which beautiful diamonds are formed.
I made you the color of oil,
The Black Gold that keeps people warm.

I made you from the rich, dark earth
That can grow the food you need.
Your color's the same as the panther's
Known for (HER) beauty and speed.

Your color's the same as the Black stallion,
A majestic animal is he.
I didn't make you in the Image of darkness.
I made you in likeness of ME!

All the colors of a Heavenly Rainbow
Can be found throughout every nation;
And when all of those colors were blended well,

Your hair is the texture of lamb's wool.
Such a humble, little creature is he.
I am the Shepherd who watches them.
I am the One who will watch over thee.

You are the color of midnight sky.
I put the stars' glitter in your eyes.
There is a smile hidden behind your pain.
That's why your cheeks are so high.

You are the color of dark clouds formed
When I send My strongest weather.
I made your lips full so when you kiss
The one that you love, they will remember.

Your stature is strong; your bone structure, thick
To withstand the burdens of time.
The reflection you see in the mirror...
The image looking back at you is MINE.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And Then It Comes To Me...Like An Epiphany...

So...I've had another one of my grand Epiphanies...*pause for dramatic intake of breath*

I was talking to my mentor the other day, lamenting on my desire to be wifed up. All my friends are getting married and/or having kids, I want a family, blah, blah, blah...
My mentor (who just told me a few weeks ago I might need to step out on the brothers and get a Ken, but that's another post) listened intently for a few minutes. She then declared "If I was still a card-carrying member of the the Black Mothers' Caucus, I'd slap you!" (Why she is no longer a member is also another post, LOL) She went on, "you have everything you need at this point in life! You have been successful, you don't have any babies tying you are FREE to do as you wish! And all you can fuss about is having a husband?! You are crazy!!"

This made me think, like REALLY think. Was I ready to get married? The answer was a resounding NO. I can't even stand house guests for longer than 2-3 days! How I'mma live with a man day in, day out, for the rest of my life?!?! LOL
I think I'm afraid to be alone. Its funny, cause my mother lived with a man for 15 years that she DID NOT END UP MARRYING. When I asked her why she kicked "Daddy" (man that raised me, but not my mother's ex-husband/my birth father) to the curb, she said, "it wasn't really what I wanted. I just didn't want to be by myself."

Damn, I get more and more like mama everyday...

BUT, I refuse to do that. I'm not gonna subject someone to my mess for YEARS only to figure out I'm not ready.
At this juncture, I just need to figure out how to not be lonely. And I need to internalize ('cause I already "know" it)that married with kids does not equal happiness, nor does single equal lonely.

"I think I'm just about ova being yo' girlfriend....I'm LEAVING...I'm leaving...

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

Self Love, Sisterly Love & The Image of Black Women | Clutch Magazine: The Digital Magazine for the Young, Contemporary Woman of Color

Self Love, Sisterly Love & The Image of Black Women | Clutch Magazine: The Digital Magazine for the Young, Contemporary Woman of Color

Perhaps it is an unfortunate trait of our gender, but the habit of viewing each other through critical eyes and picking each other apart is a common practice of women the world over. However, as black women living in a European western dominated society, can we really afford to maintain such venomous practices towards each other? Sure, the high of looking down our nose at a sister less fortunate, or judging another for making choices we deem undesirable may be tempting , but can’t the joy of spreading sisterly love be just as satisfying? A Utopian sisterhood may not be realistic, however a more progressive approach towards relating to each other and ourselves could signal true revolution, and irreversible positive change in our culture. Here are a 12 ways we can learn to be a little more kinder to ourselves, and each other:

1. Respect for Oneself: If there’s on thing The Boondocks Uncle Ruckus teaches us is that hatred for others starts from within. The ripple effect of self-love and respect is arguably the most crucial step in healing the image of Black women, both publicly and privately.

2. Create the Change You Wish to See: The well-known saying goes: “You cannot change others – you can only change yourself.” Envision using criticism to make changes in your own life rather than simply judging those whom you may be opposed to.

3. Know When and What to Compromise: For women of color in entertainment for example, the road is rife with tough choices. In the quest for personal and professional success, it’s a good idea to prioritize your personal values to avoid selling out, or selling your soul, just to get ahead.

4. Accept Your Natural Beauty: All too often black women are surrounded by messages that (in)directly devalue our unique beauty so we have to work consciously to accept our natural beauty, rather than feel estranged from it.

5. Show Your Support – Participate in (or donate to) organizations, activities or resources you feel do their part in the advancement of the overall well-being of black women.

6. Start Your Own Movement: Groups and conferences such as Black Girls Rock, Enough Is Enough and Leading Women Defined were born of an intention to create healthy images of black women and girls in the mainstream media. Whether it’s a blog, discussion group or official organization, if you see a void, there are many ways in which you can unite with other sisters to help fill it.

7. Try Compassion, Rather than Condemnation: Too often folks tend to confuse judgment with constructive criticism. Constructive criticism is used to critique an individual for their betterment and involves harboring a certain level of respect and empathy for another person. Before we gleefully castigate the questionable choices of R&B’s newest “it” girl, or even the angst-ridden young mother yelling at her kids on the sidewalk, it wouldn’t hurt us to attempt to add a little compassion to our critique cocktail. The difference could bring about real strides within our community, rather than digging deeper divisions.

8. Surround Yourself With Positivity: Seek out images, artists, writers, publications, etc. that you feel make a positive impact on black culture.

9. Embrace Similarities and Differences: Black women are complex and dynamic. Ironically, this fact that fragments so many of us, is actually a healthy phenomenon. There’s no rule that says all black women have to be clones of one another, so why not simply learn to accept – and even honor – our multifaceted sisterhood?

10. Let Your Voice Be Heard: – Reach out to media outlets, and select advocacy groups to share your concerns and feedback when you see questionable or disturbing depictions of black Women.

11. Understand Your Place In History: The history of black culture, black women included, did not start with the intersection of Africans and Europeans. There is strength and freedom in embracing the full scope of our heritage.

12. Remember that We’re Not Victims, We’re Valiant: It’s easy to get bogged down by the never-ending facts, figures and other dubious data pointing to the dire state of black womanhood. The fact remains that through it all, we’ve survived and continue to strive and succeed.


I Am Changing....

I have done the IMPOSSIBLE. (in my own mind)
I have been accepted to law school.
*insert Leyomi drops, p-poppin and other inappropriate jigs here*

I'm proud of myself, one for actually doing it, but even more so for FOLLOWING THROUGH. I fall short on that sometimes.

I was in the car and I was listening to the Dreamgirls soundtrack (#dontjudgeme) and that song that Effie sings when she finally starts to get her life together came on...#13...I AM Changing.

Look at me, Look at me
I am changing
Trying every way I can
I am changing
I'll be better than I am

Then she sings:

I am changing
I'll get my life together now
I am changing
Yes I know how
I'm gonna start again
I'm gonna leave my past behind
I'll change my life
I'll make a vow and nothings gonna stop me now

Nothing is gonna stop me now!! *fist pump*

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Six Flags Denies Jobs to 2 Women Based on Natural Hair

Six Flags Denies Jobs to 2 Women Based on Natural Hair

What in THEE HAYLE!?!
I just...I don't....I'on EEM undastand!! This is pure foolishness.

Y'all know what team I'm on with this...
Your thoughts?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Team Natural or Team Weave? - BV Hair Talk

Team Natural or Team Weave? - BV Hair Talk

Reppin' Team Natural all day!!!!

I got love for the weave-wearing sistahs too tho...long as you keep it tight!!
Shouts out to Brittany from Loc Rocker for putting me up on the link to the site! Love her and her beautiful locs!

10 Female Rappers Who Aren't Nicki Minaj

10 Female Rappers Who Aren't Nicki Minaj

Thank God.
I was actually starting to LIKE that broad. *shudders*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Awww you LIKE Me, you REALLY Like Me!!

I wasn't old enuff to gibbadamb when Sally Fields said that at the Oscars (or was it the Emmys? Ah well) but I use that line often.
Just wanted to show some luve to all my TwitFam!! I lubbb my followers! You all RAWK SOCKS!!!

Get your twitter mosaic here.

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