Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a Week...

This is not a positive post, so feel free to click the "X" in the corner of your browser.
I just feel so...blah!

Like, I have so much going on, and I'm truly blessed. I realize that.
But I'm not happy.
I hate to whine, I really do. but...
I WANNA BOO! *whiny kid voice*
I'm tired of my only companionship being my girlfriends. And I'm not trying to just settle mind you. I want someone thats REAL and ready for the type of relationship that I want to have. Someone that measures up to my expectations.

I have a male "friend" (meaning he wants to bone, but I'm not having it)that wants to "be with me" (translation=have a lot of sex, maybe possibly make me his girlfriend. SMDH), but I won't give that fool the time of day in a clock shop. Why, you may ask? Sure hes an employed, mobile, educated individual. Moderately attractive and TALL to boot. (y'all know I like dem tall boys)
So why no dice? This man has 2 children. By 2 different women. And I'm sorry, that's not a row I'm tryinta hoe. Its too tuff. Plus, he doesn't want to get married for another 5 years or more. WTF!?! I broke it down for him this way:
-I will be tethered to the NE. If I'm with you, you aren't gonna be moving farther than DC. I want SOUTH of the Mason Dixon sir. No bueno!
-What am I sposed to do while your life plan catches up to mine? I want to be married by 30 at the LATEST; you are already 31 and you tombout another 5 YEARS?!?! So I suppose if I want babies, I gotta be baby mama #3 and just keep my fingers cross that you'll marry my ass, when based on your track record, that ain't happening? o_O
-If by chance all thhatACTUALLY DOES work out, I can't think about just my kids, I gotta think about ALL the kids. I can't just send mine to private school; its not fair to the others. I gotta think about 2 extra gifts at Christmas, 2 additional birthday parties to plan a year...we gotta schedule vacations around our kids' breaks AND when you get visitation...not my idea of fun sir!
Now I'm a bad guy for thinking this way, but men discriminate against women with kids ALL THE TIME. That Guy (Atlanta Guy) and I have discussed this as length. He makes a great point: I've done all I've done and made it this far without any children, why should I have to deal with someone else's mistake for the rest of MY life?
Am I to think if I'm going t have a quality companion, I've gotta to deal with this? SMDH. *wall slide*

I hate happy mofos like this right now. *sigh*

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Single, B*#9:y Rant


Before I start, please know I don't often do the "woe is me, I'm single" thing. I dig being independent, and although I wish I had companionship other than my female friends, I know I'm not quite ready to get married, so I cope well w/the in-between.


What da fukk is up Philly men!? I mean, is it so hard to hang out w/ an attractive woman and not have sex? Thusfar, that's the only conclusion I can find. All I want is a decent date! Case in point: I've been to World Cafe Live twice, 2 different concerts, and numerous other "I see couples every-damn-where" events...either by myself or w/a female friend. WTF!? Y'all don't like music?

And for men reading this, no, I don't mean take me out, pay for the whole shebang, and get nuthin in return. I got my own tix, meal, etc. I just want a male friend! I need to disrupt all this damn estrogen w/ some testoterone, feel me?

Apparently this is a foreign concept. Ninjas up here either wanna fukk, "hang out", which consists of you hanging out @ my apt waiting for me to say you can fukk, or they want to boo you up-and when you say no, they wanna be friends and "see what happens" (see the definition of hang out)! What happened to being friends!? I mean, I'm not from here, so my experience is skewed. In the South, you meet cool people and its not about tryinta bone. If the chemistry is there for both people, cool, but if not, folks are content to go out w/ no romantic entanglements. Shoot, I've intro'd guys friends down south to girlfriends, and they are still together! (Call me Cupidette!)

So what the deal Philly men? I'm tired of flying I type I'm surrounded by couples AGAIN, and I fear the wives of these men may jump me! Won't anyone join me for a date!?

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