Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Law School Blues

I got the law school blues.
I know, I know...I just got here.
I just didn't expect it to be so....different.
Like, as smart as I am in real life, is how DUMB I am in Law School.
Everything I thought I to study, how to pay attention, how to take notes...WRONG. Its like someone shook the skills out of my brain, piled them up and lit them aflame!!
Its really frustrating.
I imagine I'm not the only one that has this issha, so I've decided that sharing is caring (and venting, we already know, is therapeutic) so I will guest-blog over at The LawStudent Chronicles. I can let out my frustrations, and hopefully learn something.
Lawd KNOWS, I gotta do something...I might LOSE IT!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

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