Friday, December 04, 2009

'Twas The Night Before The Test...

Yeah so...
I take my LSATs tomorrow...again. LOL
I took it in 2006, but I was NOT focused, NOT ready to go, and DIDN'T study. (yeah, I WAS trippin'.)
So far so good, I've seen marked improvements in my practice scores. I know I can do this, get a great score and get into a good school. I've been in contact with the ones I want to go to, and I've asked a lot of questions (mostly about how my previous score will affect my admission).
Lots of podunk other schools (mostly ones I don't want to go to) have been boosting my head up, sending me scholarship offers ad inviting me to visit, some based on my previous (crappy) score, so thats good!
Honestly, I just gotta get out of my own head about this thing. I'm so used to being an overachiever, being the top of my class, or just a little bit ahead of the pack...well, I'm scared I may not be good enough to get into law school 'cause this hasn't been as easy for me as other academic endeavors.
Does that sound as LAME as it looks to me?
Yeah, I'm trippin.
Wish me luck y'all!

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