Thursday, June 15, 2006

Damn, it's hard being a woman!
Current mood: annoyed

Did you ever think about all the different sh*t we go through as women!?!? I mean, I'm sure we've all b*tched about one torture or another that we have to deal wit, but have you ever thought about ALL of them? We have to fry our hair with chemicals and hot irons to tame our locks. We pluck hairs our of our faces; that is, if we aren't pouring hot wax on the hair and yanking it out. We wax our legs, underarms, and sometimes that very delicate hair down there. We inhale chemicals as our fingers and toenails are ground, cut, clipped and pulled. We wear underwire bras and thong underwear. We wear heels. To top it all off, there's that God issued right to bleed once a month, and squeeze children (5-10lbs) from an opening that dialates to the size of a small orange. (10cm) I feel like I need some sort of reparations! Can a sista get disability!?! And they want to call us the 'weaker sex'? HA!

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