Thursday, June 15, 2006

Gotta dig you, man...
Current mood: determined

So, I'm here at work...not working...HA!...and I really had to take a minute. I've been sort of in MOURNING for a relationship that ended before it began....feeling sorry for myself and wishin' this cat would come back and admit how stupid he was. He should come back professing his undying love and shouting 'Bump that hoe!'
Sorry, detour from reality....but nonetheless, I was just thinking how terrific I am! Bear with me now, 'cause I'm sure I sound conceited and I'm really not....but I do have alot going for me. Besides the fact that as a child of GOD, I'm shown favor every morning I rise and when I make to the end of the day to lay down....I'm intelligent, ambitious, big-hearted, well-mannered, socially aware, culturally conscious, and about a billion other adjectives and adverbs. Not to mention easy on the eyes. ;-)
So I can continue to be down in the dumps, or I can pick myself up, dust off, pop my colla and try again! Yeah, yeah...that's just what I'm gonna do.


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