Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Whole Lot Going On!

I've been mad busy.
No, really.
Its doesn't make any sense for someone to have as much going on as I do, yet have no real social life to speak of. *SMDH*

This year, I've applied to several law schools (c'mon EMORY!!!)
I've committed to working out (avg is 4X/week. Sometimes I go more)
I'm trying to step up my already active role in a few organizations I belong to.
I've been Twitterin' my azz off. (Add me. I'm HILARIOUS!)
I've tried to go out with a few guys...not having much luck with that one. *kanye shrug*
I've been part-time counseling a good friend that may be going through a divorce soon. (Is it bad that I kinda enjoy it? Not the idea that he's splitting from his wife, the idea of helping him get on his feet. Although she irks my spirit a lil' bit, so I may take a teeny, tiny, minuscule amount of pleasure in seeing her suffer. #DJM)
I party, I bullshit...meh. #NotReally
Oh, and I've been working like an original Hebrew! I'm FINALLY getting some recognition on the job, and I'm actually getting a bonus and a pay increase, effective tomorrow. (PAAAAARRRRTAAAY!!!! *Harlem shakes in chair* *Brother Franklin-esque Chair scoot at work*)
I wonder what they gon' do when I BOUNCE UP OUT THIS BIA?!?! *evil laugh*

So...yeah, I gots a whole lotta erythang goings on...
Keep an eye on ya girl! In 2010, get with me or GET RUN OVA! POW!

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