Sunday, June 14, 2009

Catch Up pt 2 (condensed)

Okay, so I had all intentions of doing a whole post about my baby sis' graduation and the trip to GA. NGH. (Not Gonna Happen) Not enough time in the day chile. Gots to keep it moving.

We'll just say that lil sis' graduated from HS, she's on her way to college in the fall, and I got some much needed familybondingtime with the sibs. Fan-freakin-tabulous.

I also saw a man. The man. Everybody has the story about the one that got away. We'll just call him AtlantaGuy. We started our on and off affair many years ago when he was at FSU and I was at FAMU. I think I want to love him, but my brain won't let me....but that's a whole nother post.

Then there was the unexpected, yet DREADFUL and educational visit from CaliGuy. I know, I know...I knew he was CRAZY, but me a hopeless sucker that want's to believe the best about people=STUPID.

Needless to say, this visit was not pleasant. I have never met such a vain, unintelligient, chauvinistic,, I could keep going for DAYZ, ya'll. This dude was OFF THE DAMN RICHTER. Totally helpless, he was also a liar and a thief. (He stole my digital camera, my external hard TV REMOTE and DETACHABLE SHOWERHEAD?!?! GTFOH!!!)

I've been doing a lot of introspection these days, and several lessons came outta this (bear with me, 'cause some of this is SFO-Statement of the Fuckin' Obvious; I'm recording them for prosperity) :

1.) Meeting someone for the first time when they come to visit you is NOT a good idea;
2.) Facebook and Myspace are the not acceptable to "get to know" someone, only to interact with people you have already met;
3.) If something sounds to good to be true, not only is it NOT true, its 1000 times worse than you could possibly imagine;

And finally, God has a quirky sense of humor. He will give you what you think you want, just so you can see the benefits of what you have, so you can appreciate who you know that much more.

In the words of Alicia Keys:

Peace peeps!

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