Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two Scoops of Crazy

Lotsa folks say you are who you attract...
I'mma get myself checked with a psychologist, cause I seem to have a magnet in my booty that attracts crazy people!

Case in point, I was sorta involved with this dude, we'll call him NavyGuy. Well, he fell into sorryazzzmanmode and stood me up for a weekend. This pissed me off to no end, cause he was not really apologetic or anything. I felt like if you didn't think it was wrong you would do it again, and I told him as much.
Meanwhile, I started chatting with this other dude, we'll call him CaliGuy. Good looking, no kids, not a bum, and we seemed to vibe. Convo was great, but it seemed it was too good to be true...'specially when he started talkin about visiting. *raised eybrow*
Well, it all came to a head one day in a seemingly innocent convo. I was complaining about some ticket trouble (damn you, IPD *shakin' fist*) and he just...BLEW UP.
Like, I suspect if I hadda been in the room, his head would have done a full 360 and green bile would have flew out! I was like WTFJH!?!? Like, at what point did you become this sexist, chauvinistic, jerky dude? IDK...I hung up tout de suite and haven't talk to him since.
I guess I was hoping that after NavyGuy dissapointing me that a guy could really be as good as advertised...don't want to lose that optimism, you know? But IDK...think I might be better off focusing on my career and what I'm supposed to accomplish and not on the business of companionship.

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