Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Now, I realize that the title may lead one to believe that I'm self centered and I'm really not...
But I really am quite fabulous.
I mean, I went to college on an academic scholarship. I've gotten 2 degrees. I live by myself, have my own car, and a good job. As of today, I've saved nearly 20K in all my accounts. That's money I ain't TOUCHING y'all! I'm pretty independent, but I'm not evil or stank acting. As educated as I am, I can get hood in a second...I'm a nice balance of bourgie and ghetto, LOL. (BOURGHETTO!!! I know I ain't the only one that remembers that song!)
I have to have lil' random posts like this to keep me sane. LAWD KNOWS, with the world out here like it is, a sistah can forget her fabulosity sometimes!

Love, Peace and Nappiness

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