Friday, May 01, 2009

Bloggin...from the traffic!

Started this on the 30th...
I'm drivin down 309, bloggin on the BB. Too much text-nology!
I'm tired, but no nap today...volunteering for Dining Out for Life.
6:15-MAD LATE!! Still driving...least I'm downtown.
7:20-Yay for a small restaurant this year, but BOO to no place to sit! Glad I wore (somewhat) comfy shoes!
8:26-Place is FULL, and I've gotten a few donations. Glad I'm such a nice person...makes it easier to hit folx up fo $$$!
9:30-Coming down the home stretch...think I'mma order soon! I's HONGRY!
10:03-So much for me of 16 just arrived! OY!!!
11:02-Home @ last! Bout to PIG OUT!
11:59-To all a good night!
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