Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prioritizing my Life

So, I've decided that Philly is not the biz for da kid.
I've been here since January 13th, 2007. I've had 5 jobs, with 3 companies.
I've moved 3 times. I've gone on countless outings with "friends" (I use that term loosely, 'cause I really never connected solidly with anyone here that I didn't know before I moved here), numerous dates, and one "relationship" ( I use that term loosely, 'cause that clown had an ex-girlfriend that wasn't an ex).
I hate the traffic, I hate the attitude. I don't care for cheesesteak and I'm SOOO over the Philly beard.
So, now that the decision has been made, its time to do something about it.
I'm looking at LSAT courses. I figure if I can take it in September, I can start applying for 2010. I figure if I can't break into the job market where I wanna be, I'll go back to school there. I can at least be local then. I got to do something y'all. Philly is driving me crazy!

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