Saturday, April 18, 2009

Feelin' Real Proud Rat 'Bout Na!


That's what the sticker on my shoulder says.
Well, I guess I should back up a bit. Today, I walked in the 18th Annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Indianapolis. It was really special for me and my family. We lost my Aunt Marla Jean to breast cancer in December of last year. It was really tough on me, 'cause she was like my second mother. She took care of me when I was in college in FL, put me and my friends up for Spring Break at "Chez Marla's", and even bought me my first (legal) drink. I miss her so much. But I know she's in a better place.

Here's the kicker: right after burying Aunt M in December, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer too. I was soo scared. Not just for her, but for me. What if I get it? I've always been heavy up top; what if I never felt a lump, and I ended up with stage 4 and had to go through everything Aunt M had to? The only thing that has really kept me sane and prayerful is my mom. She's a trooper. She's been going though chemo, and she's doing SOOOO GOOD y'all! She's not had any nausea, she had no sores, and she's still teaching her aerobics class! She's my strength. I see where I get it from.

But today, WE CLOWN'D!!! We were dancing and singing and just having FUN!! Our team had nearly 30 members total, but about 25 or so came out and walked.
My BF and her mom

my cousins (one of which who also overcame breast cancer; she's a 2 year survivor!!)

my other aunt and was just a great day. We went to eat afterward and I had FAB SUSHI!

I'm just really grateful that even tho so many are touched by this disease, people are taking it seriously, and WE WILL FIND A CURE.
My cousin beat it, and my mom will too. I lost an aunt and a great aunt, but I know they will find a way to defeat this disease. In the meantime, if you are in Philly on Mothers Day, I'll be walkin' with my Alumni Association too!

Peace and Love,

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