Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dude, are you serious??!

It could just be me...y'all know I's a Southern gal, and I live up here in Philly. Now, I can accept cultural and gerographical difference and preference, (the "Philly beard", the "jawn" and all matters of whatnot)but at what point is it just straight up backwards??

Case in point, there's a cat I've been chatting with, we'll call him Locs(most beautiful locs you eva wanna SEE on a man, chile!). 33, never married, no kids, good job...I suppose I should be jumping for joy...eh. Anywho, this cat is real extra with the terms of endearment from jump street (I'm baby on the first date?!?! WTF), and forthcoming with other shows of affection...not exactly being fresh, but that territory's about a stones' throw away, ya dig? Furthermore, he's always asking to see me, but never initiates REAL plans (at my age, chillin at yo house watchin cable is not a great date. After we chill a few times is different, but I'm still getting to know you playa! You could be crazy!). He wants me to do all the work (where, when, what time)

I had a talk with him, and he was like, "that's how dudes in Philly are. That's how we let you know we are feelin you." "And you know, I feel like, if you want to kick it with me, you'll make plans to see me."


Lemme get this straight: you want me to be baby and boo and love and ish, but you can't call me up and say 'lets go to dinner?' I don't think so homie...WOMP WOMP!! Methinks I will be doing a LOT of outta state dating if this is all that Philly is bringing...I canNOT be bothered.

Love, Peace and Nappiness,

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