Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting my life togetha!!

So I said like a year ago I was going to write in this thing more...

Clearly, a dayum shame.

So, this is me, writing. I must say, I found myself inspired by some of the other fabulous blogs I've read on here. Shouts out to Rantings of a Rebella, Renaissance Black Woman, and Chile Please. These ladies speak the truth!

So taking a cue from them, I'm gonna explore this bloggin thang. I got some thangs I wanna put into the universe, like....

...I needs to get on my grind with this working out thang. Since last July, I've gained about 15 pounds!

LAWD hep me!!!

I bought a Cardio Twister (C) and am committed to working out. I'm starting with the first week; if I can work out for a week straight, I can build on that. One week, two weeks, 3 weeks...


I'm on day 3; so in the words of Madagascar...

I gotta MOVE IT MOVE IT!!!

I'm trying to get right with this lifestyle change. That's right, I said it. Diets don't only took me 10 years to figure it out. Its simple really...I did it when I was in college, albeit unintentionally. Eat good stuff at regular intervals, drink water and exercise. The cafe was about a quarter mile away, it was HOT AS HAYLE in the Tally-Ho, and the food was so NARSTY, all I ate for my entire freshman year was salad and rice...with some chicken on occasion. On top of that, I ran on the track 3 times a week, cause I was so scurred of the freshman fifteen. LOL...nobody told me about the Senior 17, the post grad 24 or the gotta desk job 35...SMDH.

I'mma git rat doe!

Peace and Blessings,

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