Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Know yo Planet!!!

Hello Friends,
I've been too busy Twittering and reading otha folks ish to post anythang new lately...shouts out to my new fav blogs in the world: Awesomely Luvvie (she KILLS me daily), House of IG, and I'll Think of a Title Later. Great reads! *end groupie-esque dick riding*

So...ya'll know I have my Theory on Friendship, right? I thought I had articulated this to erybody that mattered, and those that didn't...well, knew better than to ask or didn't care! So explain to me the following COONERY:

Unamed sadidity neighbor/Neptune friend: Yo...u straight deleted me as your friend???? Remeber this friendship thing goes both ways...

Me: First off...I started a new page. I posted on my status that I was shutting the other one down. Secondly, we were never tight. We probably never will be. You think you are a good friend? We don't talk, we don't hang live one street over and I haven't seen you once this year. So chill with the 'tude.

USNNF: Not sure if u still have the same number...but I just left a message. I'm too damn grown for all this negativity mess coming from you end.....and I don't get into petty arguments with chicks. It's good to see that we were never tight....that's news to me. Seems like you're as fake as I hear cause as for me I don't hang with those I'm not cool with. As far as living next to each other and not I said in the last message....that goes both ways. You didn't even tell me you were moving in...til after you moved in. Never once have you called me to hang/chill/go for drinks or whatever. You have internal issues that need to be taken care of. I mean we all do, but never have I seen someone wear that shit on their sleeves. But like I number is the same (XXX-XXX-8936). Call me if you like....otherwise it is what it is.

WhereDeyDoDatAt?? I mean, you were REALLY thinkin we were "best buds", when I haven't talked to you in like 9 months?? I was content with our you-coo-to-hit-a-club-wit aquaintance, but I see you got yo role twisted hon. Do better, and kill the e-thuggery on my FB inbox! KThx!

Secondly, please know yo role. If we don't talk on the regular, sparsely see each other, and never hang out w/ less than 3 otha folks present, YOU ARE AN AQUAINTANCE AT BEST. Don't mean I hate you, just means we prolly wouldn't interact w/out common friends and liquor involved. Deal with it.

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